More than 100 years of experience making book paper


Paper production since 1898

Wood processing and paper production has long traditions in the areas along the Drammen River. In 1898, Hellefos Træsliberi merged with Holmen Papirfabrikk and became AS Holmen-Hellefos, which later changed its name to Borregaard Hellefoss AS. From 1st December 2004, following the sale of the mill from the Boregaard Group, the company took the current name of Hellefoss AS. The company concentrated on the production of newsprint for customers in Norway and abroad. In 1905, Holmen-Hellefos signed a contract with the Daily Mail for the delivery of newsprint. As a result, the greater part of its production in the following years was delivered to Great Britain. In the wake of the two World Wars, there were major cyclical variations, which had an impact on the pulp and paper industry; new solutions had to be found.

From newsprint to book paper

In the 1970s, the wood processing industry in Norway underwent an extensive structural reorganization. Technological developments enabled the industry to produce paper of a much higher quality than had previously been possible. After many years of producing newsprint, Hellefoss AS decided to focus on a particular niche market and specialized in the production of bulky mechanical printing papers.